I Prefer Concealers Than Primers For The Eyeshadows



I was doing makeup on a client just the other day. And she brought in her palette of Urban Decay.  She had asked me if I would use the product for her photo-shoot and to give her a few pointers on the usage of the product and what brushes to use. I have never used Urban Decay products before but I have heard that they all flake a lot. And true to assumption it is true.

Orlando makeup

The Urban Decay product came with a primer and I never use primers on the eyes I always use concealers for the eyes.  I don’t like to layer too much product on the eyes, so I feel its best to use the concealer. I applied the concealer to the eye lid and also the under neath of the eye and I started applying the Urban Decay Shadow to the eyes and it immediately started to flake.  Horrible product to use.


Using a concealer on the lids and bottom eye-lid lets me cancel out any blue, red tones, dark spots on the lid or under the eyes. Plus I can also evenly take away any flaking from the shadows easily with makeup remover and then reapply the concealer to the lower lid.  I recommend MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer. Works every time for me.