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Keeping The Skin Clean And Clear.

Its very important to keep your skin clean and clear. Not for just the purpose of modeling but to prevent spotting, black heads, etc. I have done a lot of models for photo-shoots and a lot of people would rather buy a beautiful pair of shoes than to take care of there skin. There are a lot of professional products to buy to do at home such as masks.  Neutrogena, Roden+Fields, L’Oreal, etc all have good products to clean the skin of black heads and excessive sebum.  You just have to go and buy one that works for you.

I have decide to try the Roden+Fields Mask for my client, now just wait!  I am not selling this product in my salon.  Nor do I sell this product. I am only seeing how good it works.  My client who has mature skin and blemishes is my model for the treatment and I have advised her to use it twice a week.  I instructed my client to use the following and in the proper steps.

  1. Wash the face with Gentle Creme Wash everyday.
  2.  Apply the Daily Cleansing Mask as per instruction from the manufacturer.
  3. Wash off the mask and apply Moisture Replenishing Creme

We will see in a 30 day experiment the results.

Makeup Artist In Orlando: Eylure Is The World’s Favorite Eyelash


Working with eyelash’s is a number one importance when preparing a model for a photo-shoot. I highly recommend Eylure for all my work and for yours also. This is a very durable product and very natural at its best. The glue is phenomenal. And drys very, very clear. better than DUO!  And the lashes themselves hold up for continuous wear.  You can find this product in ULTA. If you need Volume, Definition, Dramatic, Length etc they have it. All you have to do is curl your lash’s and apply your liner and then your flash lash’s you will be ready to go.


Lots and Lots to pick from and a lovely array of designs! Eylure is the world’s favorite eyelash brand when it comes to backstage for the runways. This product is also cost effective about $5.00 per package with glue also not bad at all.  And with Eylure all lashes are reusable!  The best guaranteed quality lashes available in the eyelash market. Eylure is also 100% high quality human hair lashes that most professionals use and prefer.


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DenTek Easy Brush Extra Tight Should Be In Your Makeup Case.

Orlandomakeup.comOne of the best products I use in my makeup case and this product has a lot of versatility.  That product is called. DenTek Easy Brush, this product was made for flossing but I use it for numerous tasks when doing makeup in the salon or for editorial work.

orlandomakeup.comThis product was made for flossing, but I use it for styling the eyebrows, applying mascara to the bottom lash’s and also the upper lash’s. It’s fine teeth can get into the small spaces of the eyes and applying mascara is ever so easy. I also like to use them to prime the lips to take off any chapped skin and to also moisturize the lips before applying lip stick.

Vaseline-Lip-Therapy-Rosy-LipsJust apply a little Vaseline to your brush, and gently scrub the lips. I like to do this first before adding any makeup to the face. When I am ready I will gently use a wet wipe to clean the lips of any flaky skin.  And then apply my lip stick!