Body Lotion Elô São Paulo Is A Thumbs Up For Summer Skin

Shooting in the Florida sun will make your sin turn into leather if you do not moisturize it during the summer. I was given a sample from a model of some moisturizer she recommended to use on the skin. She raves about the product. Body Lotion Elô São Paulo is what she gave me and after shooting for the past two days in the Tampa Bay area. I had acquired some color to my light German skin. She gave me a tube of the Veneza La vitta creme.

The product has a very slight perfume smell to it and is very creamy. So applying the product was very easy and I only had to use a little at a time.

Elô São Paulo is an invitation to a garden full of flowers full and its various fragrances. The label of ingredients It’s a mix of Apricot, lilies, roses, peach, amber and vanilla and lanolin. It is very light and will not leave your skin streaky. The product comes In a tube 6.76oz and sell on the internet at $7.50. I seen there are a lot of scents to the product line. And also body sprays. After 3 days out of the sun my skin is not peeling or cracking. This Brazilian product line is made up of anti-aging lotions, moisturizing lotions and body splashes. The company says, they value quality and excellence in products we offer and the raw materials we use.

 This is a good product to use. Look it up.