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Keeping The Skin Clean And Clear.

Its very important to keep your skin clean and clear. Not for just the purpose of modeling but to prevent spotting, black heads, etc. I have done a lot of models for photo-shoots and a lot of people would rather buy a beautiful pair of shoes than to take care of there skin. There are a lot of professional products to buy to do at home such as masks.  Neutrogena, Roden+Fields, L’Oreal, etc all have good products to clean the skin of black heads and excessive sebum.  You just have to go and buy one that works for you.

I have decide to try the Roden+Fields Mask for my client, now just wait!  I am not selling this product in my salon.  Nor do I sell this product. I am only seeing how good it works.  My client who has mature skin and blemishes is my model for the treatment and I have advised her to use it twice a week.  I instructed my client to use the following and in the proper steps.

  1. Wash the face with Gentle Creme Wash everyday.
  2.  Apply the Daily Cleansing Mask as per instruction from the manufacturer.
  3. Wash off the mask and apply Moisture Replenishing Creme

We will see in a 30 day experiment the results.

Photo Shoot Model Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation


I had a client who is a model recommend me a foundation she uses for her skin and has been delighted by also using it for her photo-shoots. I dropped by Sephora this past Saturday to appease her and bought a bottle of Makeup Forever HD Foundations. Two bottles I really purchased one for the foundation and one for contouring the face also.  Makeup Forever foundations were created for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, ULTRA HD advanced formulas look invisible on 4K camera and to the naked eye. Perfect for the makeup pros. ULTRA HD foundation feels like a second skin, but still provides medium coverage, and the light-diffusing formula looks natural and makes skin look flawless and feel moisturized. Exclusive 4K Complex guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable makeup. The fluid texture blends in seamlessly and conceals imperfections to unify the skin’s texture. Great for all skin types, and  features a full-range of shades to cover all skin-tones.  The product worked very well for me. Give it a try my friends. But I will say it is very costly $42.00 per bottle.

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MAC Bronzers For Sculpting the Skin for Swimsuit Shoots!


In Florida this time of the year we are talking about the beach and the ever growing fashions of swimwear. Doing a swimwear shoot the other day I was in need of some contouring for the body for my model. She is very athletic and likes to see her muscles enhanced for her portraits.. Professional models will ask for this especially when wearing the smallest of the small bikinis. Contouring the body is a no brainer. What ever is indented is a shadow, what ever protrudes is a highlight. So in knowing this simple method of contouring I prefer to use the MAC bronzers for the task.

To task I used MAC Bronzing Powder.  Switch the settings from cool to warm, as Bronzing Powder takes you from finely spun gold with soft pearl to true bronze with a matte finish. This subtly tinted powder gives skin sheer, natural color and highlights. Perfect for enhancing skin tone, providing a natural, sun-kissed look; or accentuating a tan. Formulated to give a smooth, even application on all skin types. Features specially designed packaging.


  • Contains light-reflecting bronzing pigments
  • Provides a natural, sun-kissed look
  • For a wide variety of skin tones
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Non-antigenic
  • Very good product to use and I recommend it for all body and muscle sculpting. The product stays were it is placed and does not fade. Bravo!  Depending on the brush size you can apply lightly, or heavy. Lovely for contrasting.