Diverted Cosmetic Brands Watch Out!

It’s no secret that high-end cosmetic brands are often counterfeited. But buying fake copies of popular items can not only make you feel tricked and upset, it can also pose a very real danger to your health.

Some knock-offs are so bad that no one would mistake them for the real deal. But there are also lots of highly sophisticated counterfeits out there that are much more difficult to spot. One way to ensure you are getting the real thing is to visit the manufacturer’s website and see if the product you’re looking at is exactly the same as the picture online.

Even the smallest mismatch like the font, the color or size of the packaging, or even the weight of the product is a sign of a counterfeit. Of course, weighing the product in the shop is not a good idea, but you can spot a fake even by just holding it in your hand. If the item feels light as a feather, then you can be sure you’re holding a replica in your hands.

If the product is a counterfeit, then the first 2 or 3 digits of the bar code may not match the country of origin listed either on the packaging or product itself. Also, the serial number is most often missing. Before you buy something, make sure that the serial number on the product itself matches the number on the box. Also, authentic products always have their ingredients indicated on them. Genuine high-end cosmetic brands often provide their customers with additional information in several languages. If the packaging has very little information about the product, then it isn’t authentic.

Authentic cosmetics shouldn’t have any kind of strange substances or inappropriate sparkles in them, especially when the product is matte. Creamy cosmetics should not separate or contain any impurities. Fake lipsticks typically look less attractive and have some imperfections. A genuine designer mascara always has a very light pleasant smell to it. If the product has a bad odor or is heavily perfumed, then it’s not authentic. Also, the wand of the fake mascara may look different.