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Volume Accelerator Mascara IS A EXCELLENT FORMULA.

I give this product a thumbs up, no clumping, stays moist for a longer time to uplift your eyelash’s. And will not dry in ten seconds. The colors are true to tone and not very evasive.

The product is water proof and does not make the lash’s stick together when you reapply.

This was a winner for me during my last photo-shoot, especially with the warm humid climate in Orlando.

No flaking at all. Or smearing on the lower eyelid.

I bought the product at ULTA for as little as $12.00. What a bargain and I highly recommend this product.

Well Done Rimmel

The model in this blog post, all hair/hair-color/makeup and photography was done by Joseph Kellner 2017.

Ardell Eyelashes Are My Choice For Photo-Shoot Models


For the past 2-3 years I have been using Ardell Lash’s for my models for there photo-shoots. There is a multitude of sizes for all eyes shapes to choose from. And very different density’s to choose from for you photo-shoot. They just peel off and apply, some you may have to use a adhesive and the adhesive comes in different colors from clear to a dark tone. Using the dark tone is good especially when you are using a dark eyeliner and don’t want a caked up look from the glue. There are also a lot of different colors to choose from. Especially for being a makeup artist there is a whole variety to add to your makeup kit!  When the company first came out there was just black and brown. So if you wanted a different color to the lash’s I would apply colors from the shimmers of eye shadows and then mix it with a little lip gloss and then apply to the lash’s. It worked!


ARDELL is much more than eyelashes because they understand that the consumer and makeup artist want the sexier, prettier look of natural, thicker, longer lashes.  With ARDELL lashes, there’s a unique comfort and ease in wearing them. They’re ultra light, easy to apply and easy to remove. Plus, they have created an innovative adhesive that guarantees lash security while protecting your own lashes and eyes. The reason I love Ardell lashes is because anyone can afford them! They come in every shape and sizes, so there is a lash that fits every woman’s style! That always makes it so much easier and that’s why I always keep an array of different Ardell lashes in my professional makeup case. Also, I can’t live without the Ardell Dura Lash Natural! They are perfect for creating a natural look!

orlandomakeup.com                                             Glamour Lash’s (Love Them)

But I will say too you the consumer and makeup artist do not buy these lash’s at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Buy them at Target they are cheaper!

Joseph Kellner Hairdresser/Makeup Artist

Professional Tips from a Makeup Artist/Hairdresser for using Urban Decay Palette’s


Since purchasing my Urban Decay palette’s I would like to give you a few simple professional makeup artist’s tips to use for a clean makeup application.

1. Always start with a clean face I love to use Neutrogena makeup wipes. These wipes will take off any and all residue of makeup you may have including any and all eye liners.

2. Normally I like to use the Mac, Prep and Prime for a translucent foundation, but first I will apply my concealers which I also use in Mac. After the concealer is applied and blended in the foundation is applied next.

3. If a manufacturer advices you to use a primer, USE THE PRIMER. Urban Decay has a primer for the eyes, if you don’t use the primer you will not get a smooth application. The shadows will go everywhere! Apply primer and let dry. If not you product will clump up and blending will be a problem. And you will also have lot’s of clean up time under the eyes.


4. The product is easy to use and the colors are very vivid. And most of all the colors stay, longevity for several hours. This is a great product to use for the consumer and also for photo shoots and editorial work. And if you are using this product or any product you choose always have the photographer do a test shot to see that the application is clean enough and dense enough. And that is basically common sense for a makeup artist or hairdresser test shots are a must.  Apply sparingly and take your time with all your blending. And you will find a new love to work with. Also the Liquid liners are excellent and the color tone of the liners will stay for several hours. You will also need some elbow grease to clean off the liners. Also these liners are also good to make the eyelash’s more denser at the base.This product will hold.  No doubts about that. The attached brush in the liner is excellent, and easy to use. Beautiful Product to work with!