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It is very hard to blend FOUR SHIMMERS TOGETHER.

I use a lot of makeup for my photo-shoots and I will always pick out a product to use and to write about. But this Photo-Shoot was almost ruined by a eye-shadow made by L’Oreal.  Some products people will buy and use. Why would any one use this product on there eyes I have not the slightest thought in my mind.


The product FLAKES.


You really have to PACK it on over, and over, and over.

The product does not HOLD WELL to a brush.

One wrong move with your hand and your makeup FACE IS FINISHED.

OVER PRICED I paid $8.99 for it at Target.

This product is good as a body SHIMMER.

Eye colors are not TRUE TO TONE.

Just to SHIMMERY. They should have added a least two MATTE colors to it.

It is very hard to blend FOUR SHIMMERS TOGETHER.

I wont throw it away I always try to find a way to manipulate my products to do at least two jobs for me.  But I would not use it one the eye’s.

Makeup ideas for Blonde hair colors

Blonde hair color ideas and makeup advice
Blonde hair color ideas and makeup advice

If  makeup is applied properly  then the colors chosen will suit your skin tone, eye color as well as hair color. Choosing wrong will make the makeup  become your enemy, as there is nothing wrong than a poorly done makeup.

Because hair color is a determining factor for your makeup and also skin tone, eye color. Here is some makeup ideas for blonde’s.  Since Blond hair is the most popular in the hair color world. Especially in Orlando, Florida. A lot of my clients want all varying shades of blond. The weather is sunny and health of the body is strong here. Fitness also rules here in Florida. Spray tans also.

Good cosmetics can be bought anywhere, Mac Makeup Stores, Ulta, Walgreens, etc.  There are a lot of  new and improved cosmetics that have been developed, cosmetics which come in a variety of incredible shades. But  not all people benefit from the same makeup colors.

Natural born Blondes usually have a fair to medium skin tone so they need to find the right makeup shades to complement their hair color, skin tone, eye color  as well as their skin tone to get the desired results needed in their makeup application.  Choose a NATURAL light makeup for day wear and a darker more STRONGER makeup if you wish, for the evening. Bling out the eyes at night time, and contour up the face and don’t forget about the highlights.

If you are trying to select a makeup suitable for day wear which will help enhance your natural beauty without attracting too much attention towards the makeup, you need to turn towards light colors which do not stand out but which still manage to enhance subtly your eyes.  Use a simple eyeliner pencil and choose eye shadow colors such as neutrals, browns, pink, oranges, greens. These are lovely shades to use, and in the professional world you don’t want to over do it with the makeup.

For a natural and professional daytime look please, please use a  foundation and pink/tan/peach blush. Apply a mascara to the lash’s, neutral lipsticks or pigmented lip gloss is also fine to wear. Don’t over do it ladies!

And Blow dry your hair and maybe put some curls in it also. I love curls in the hair.  Please feel free to sign up for our FACEBOOK PAGE, for my new book If Looks Could Thrill!