DenTek Easy Brush Extra Tight Should Be In Your Makeup Case.

Orlandomakeup.comOne of the best products I use in my makeup case and this product has a lot of versatility.  That product is called. DenTek Easy Brush, this product was made for flossing but I use it for numerous tasks when doing makeup in the salon or for editorial work.

orlandomakeup.comThis product was made for flossing, but I use it for styling the eyebrows, applying mascara to the bottom lash’s and also the upper lash’s. It’s fine teeth can get into the small spaces of the eyes and applying mascara is ever so easy. I also like to use them to prime the lips to take off any chapped skin and to also moisturize the lips before applying lip stick.

Vaseline-Lip-Therapy-Rosy-LipsJust apply a little Vaseline to your brush, and gently scrub the lips. I like to do this first before adding any makeup to the face. When I am ready I will gently use a wet wipe to clean the lips of any flaky skin.  And then apply my lip stick!