Haircare Advice for the Consumer!

Maybe you weren’t born with that gorgeous shade of hair on your head. There’s no shame in going to the salon to have your color perfected or completely transformed. But you want it to look as natural as possible — and you want it to last. Professional highlights or color can cost a lot, and require frequent visits to the salon. The last thing you’d want is all that color to wash down the drain — or worse, have it fade or turn brassy. Keep your color true and vibrant longer with a few simple tricks. Read More at my haircolor and haircare blog!

Joseph Kellner 2012 Fall Makeup Tips

Joseph Kellner 2012 Fall Makeup Tips

                     How to prevent your eyeliner from smearing.


Eyeliner can make eyes pop and add instant glamor to any makeup look. However, eyeliner is often prone to smearing, creating unintentional smudges underneath the eye and adding an untidy element to an otherwise refined look. There are several strategies one can use to keep eyeliner in place and to keep your look fresh all day long.

Choose an eyeliner that is less likely to smear. Buy a water-proof or smear-resistant formula. Liquid eye liner can be applied more accurately and you are less likely to have to remove any excess. Consider buying an eyeliner sealant. This liquid product is mixed with powdered eyeliner and applied with an eyeliner brush.

Prepare your face before applying your eyeliner. Begin with a clean face. Oiliness around the eye encourages eyeliner to travel. Apply a coat of translucent powder underneath your eye. Apply your eyeliner as usual.

Sweep away any extra translucent powder from under your eye with a fluffy brush. Seal your eyeliner by using an eye-lining brush coated with eye shadow of the same shade as your eyeliner. The powdery formulation will lock the eyeliner in place. Translucent powder will also work to seal your eyeliner. Clean up any excess eyeliner with a cotton swab or makeup removal wipe. Use care when working near the delicate eye area. Use eye makeup for no more than one year before replacing.

Simple Makeup Techniques for the Consumer!

Simple Makeup Techniques for the Consumer!

Tap on mascara

 Long strokes of mascara aren’t actually the best way to amp up your lashes. I like tapping deep at the base of the lashes, working outwards to the tips. That way you’re creating depth—the roots are dark and rich and the ends are soft, not clumpy.

Soften pencils

Lip liner tends to be dry, which results in uneven coverage. Dip the pencil in sheer balm before applying. It glides on much smoother, making it easier to accurately fill your lips. Warm the tip of a stubborn eyeliner pencil between your thumb and forefinger for a similar effect.

Give your lips the middle finger

 A smudge of lipstick on your middle finger is the best way to give your lips that perfect heart-shaped pout. Put a dab on your middle finger and place it in the center of your upper lip, sweeping outwards to the left. Repeat towards the right.  There’s just something about the feeling of it and the way you will move your head that creates that perfect lipstick line.

Repurpose your lipstick

A smidge of peach or coral lipstick blended in with your concealer is an unexpected antidote to dark under eye circles. The orangey red shade brightens and diffuses the darkness.  Smudge whatever lipstick you are wearing on cheeks and lids before stepping out the door. That way, there’s a continuity of color on the face.

Clean up with foundation

For simple smudges of liner or errant swipes of mascara, eye makeup remover can whisk away more than you intend. A foundation dipped Q-Tip will wipe away any mistake—use a tapping motion to get the best results.

Crimp in falsies

When it comes to false lashes, an eyelash curler is your best friend. After placing full strips or individual clusters and allowing them to dry, apply a few coats of mascara. Then crimp gently with an eyelash curler, rocking the device back and forth while you clamp. That way, your faux hairs will blend in seamlessly with your real lashes.

Contour with highlighter

Luminizing highlighter can make your cheekbones pop—but not when applied directly to them. Instead, smooth highlighter in a C-shape starting at your temples and extending along the bone just below your eyes. A slim line of highlighter down the center of your nose can also create the illusion of straighter bone structure.

Line your lashes

The key to lush, thick lashes isn’t just in your mascara’s formulation. A steady stroke of ultra-thin gel liner along the base of your lash line is key to creating the illusion of extra lashes. You want to fill that spot between your lashes and your lid. Only when that line looks solid should you start applying mascara.