Modeling Photographs and Portfolios – Made For You.

Whether you are a freelance model or signed up with an agency, you need a modeling portfolio to bring to the modeling auditions. A modeling portfolio should include a resume of all your experiences and any special training or type of modeling jobs you fit in. It should also include a variety of photographs – head-shots, full-body shots, fashion and swimsuit photos – that will show  your appearance and marketability.

Your modeling portfolio must look professional.  Remember that the people in the modeling industry – photographers, graphic designers, casting directors, fashion editors, and fashion designers – are all very visually oriented. We recommend that you hire a professional photographer to do the photo shoot. If this is too costly, there are many excellent photographers out there who will do prints for time.

Even if you just started modeling and this is the first time you are putting together your modeling portfolio, following these tips will help give it a more professional look.

  1. Modeling portfolios need to be expansive and diverse, showcasing a model’s best work.  Include head-shots and full-body shots, of different styles, angles, poses, and themes.
  2. Focus on quality versus quantity.  You’ll need 10-12 professional photographs.
  3. Have photographs from different photographers in your modeling portfolio.  This will show your versatility and various styles at the modeling auditions.  It will also prove that you can work with different people.
  4. Include tear sheets or magazine clippings and advertisements you have appeared in inside your modeling portfolio.
  5. While diversity is important, some models fit a particular type, such as runway or catalog, and modeling portfolios should highlight this.

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