How the Supermodels Apply Makeup – Tips for the Beginner Model

 How the Supermodels Apply Makeup - Tips for the Beginner Model

You most likely already know how to apply makeup for everyday use but there are a few things that are different in applying makeup for a model photo shoot. It’s not that difficult to learn and if you follow the tips below, you will be on your way to better makeup results for your model session.

Apply a heavier coat

The first key to model makeup is to simply fix your face as if you were going out for the evening, wearing more than for daytime use.  Create extra contrast and especially use more powder. I cannot stress powder enough. This is essential!  To achieve that natural look in your model portfolio, apply a little more than you would in your daily activities and even more than you would if you were going out for the evening.

When you look in the mirror you will feel that you are wearing too much makeup but remember that the studio lights will reduce the amount of makeup you have on so don’t worry. How do you achieve the model look? Follow the simple steps listed here and, with a little practice, you should be able to get the results you’re after and have a successful makeup session.

Moisturizer & Concealer

First, moisturize your face thoroughly and then follow with concealer.  The concealer you use for photos should be 2 or 3 shades lighter than your skin tone. You will use concealer in order to hide blemishes, to lighten your eyes and you’ll need concealer to hide any discoloration around the eyes or lips.

The Foundation

Now, you’ll want to use a good, solid foundation and apply it evenly over the face. Foundation application is very simple but is misunderstood by even some professional makeup artists. 

Match the foundation to your chin and neckline.  If you miss this step, you and the camera will see a sudden change of color from your face to the neck or upper chest.  Some makeup artists even apply makeup to the neck and shoulders! Why you ask? To match the body to the face. You will have no need to apply makeup to your body (except to hide blemishes) if you follow the suggestion of matching your makeup from the face to the neck. When you have completed applying your foundation, just apply the rest of your facial makeup as you would normally but apply in heavier amounts for the camera and lights. 


Powder! Powder! Powder! Be sure to remember the powder!

I’m sure you’ve seen makeup artists apply makeup to actors to get them ready for a TV show or the movies. If you have you must have noticed that the makeup artist is constantly patting the actors face with a powder applicator. Have you wondered why? The reason is that powder, and lots of it, is nescessary to create that beautiful matte finish which is always present in a great portfolio. “But I never use powder.” you may say. Even so, please use it for your model photo shoot.  Powder makes the difference between a beautiful photo and just a photo.  When applying powder, use a lighter shade under the eyes to help eliminate any shadows or dark circles that the concealer didn’t take care of.

Applying Facial Makeup – The Oval Look

Now that you understand the importance of using powder, apply makeup below your cheekbones and under your chin to create an oval look to the face.  Be sure to blend the makeup in and not create distinct lines.  Put this makeup on a little darker but not too heavy.

Lip Color

In order for your lips to stand out and be noticed, be sure that your lip gloss is a solid color and at least one shade deeper than you normally wear it. Your lip liner should be the same color as your lipstick.


Stay away from any frosted lip colors entirely because they hardly show up on film and will give the illusion that you are not wearing lip color at all. The only time you would wear frosted is when it’s for some effect the photographer wants to accomplish.


Apply your blush a little heavier than normal but neatly and precisely. Don’t over or under apply blush. This will also be in accordance to the effect you or your photographer want to accomplish with your look for this particular model shoot.

Eye Makeup

In order to produce the best results, your eye liner needs to be applied starting from the outside of the lower part of the eye and extending about 3/4 length toward the inner part. Really work on those eyes and lips. These are the two key features in a model photo shoot as with just about any other people photography so get this right!  You’ll need to use an eye shadow to compliment the rest of your makeup and clothing but use a light shade so that your eyes will appear more alive. Start by applying your eye shadow to the upper eye lid and above the eye just below the eyebrow. 

The reason you’ll want this a light shade is because a darker shade will create an illusion of darkening of the eyes and will give the appearance that you did not get enough sleep the night before which is not going to be very flattering to you. Stay with a light eye shadow to be sure and create the best results for your eyes. If done right, the person looking at your photos will be drawn in directly to your eyes first which is what you normally want to achieve.

Take it With You!

Lastly, be sure and take your makeup case with you to your model photo shoot. You will need to touch up your makeup during the photo shoot and will always need to add powder as the day moves on. The photographer or makeup artist will not likely have your brand and you certainly don’t want to halt the shoot while you go home for more makeup.

Do your best to follow these steps when applying makeup for your model photo shoot and you should get good results from your photo session.  If you plan to do your own model makeup, please apply your makeup before leaving home for the session to make the photo shoot go faster and smoother.

Joseph Kellner Top Ten Tips!

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  1. Concealer is a must and is important to look “fresh”.
  2. Make sure to match your foundation by applying on your check and double checking that color on your forehead.
  3. Foundation even outs your skin tone and gives you a natural look if done correctly.
  4. Bronzer is very important. Think of tinting your skin – apply to apples of cheeks, forehead, a little on your nose and chin.
  5. Do your blush before you do your eyes – you might decide you only need mascara.
  6. If you are going to wear pencil on your lips, put on lipstick first and then add the pencil.
  7. Do not put mascara on the top of your lashes because it is too heavy for your eyelashes.
  8. Put 2-3 coats of mascara on your eyelashes – do the top and the bottom or just the top never do just the bottom of your lashes.
  9. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you don’t put black eyeliner around the eyes especially not in the inner side of the eyelid.
  10. White colour is percived as bigger. That’s why we use it when we want something to appear bigger.

Take Care Of Your Skin Before a Photoshoot!


 Okay so now we’re gonna start on foundation, and like I said earlier this look is more matte. You don’t want anything shiny, dooey, iridescent cause the camera picks up everything. And if you use a shiny or dooey foundation your gonna look to glowy. So you want to keep to a matte, this is a pretty light foundation and it doesn’t have any iridescence to it. It’s completely, ooh I’m sorry, it’s completely matte, and you want to use a little more than you normally use for everyday purposes. And this is the time where you want to cover any blemishes.  This is the time where you use foundation all over the skin. You don’t just want to use it in certain little areas where you need it, you want it all over. You want your whole face to look smooth and blended. And because you’re gonna be on camera you want to use a little more than normal just to make sure everything is covered and everything looks smooth. If you don’t use enough makeup on camera you’re gonna really notice it. You’re gonna look like you have nothing on, and you’re not gonna like the way your pictures turned out. So even though you’re using natural makeup you just want to use a little more of it than normal. Under the eyes, never neglect under the eyes.

You can use your foundation as a concealer or if you have a separate concealer that’s fine also, it’s all personal preference. Make sure you take it down the neck just a tiny bit, just blend blend blend. Make sure it’s all blended in, you can always add more where needed. I like to go on the eyelid a little bit also just to make a nice clean pallet, clean base for the eyeshadow. Just make everything look really smooth and even. And then once the foundation’s on you just wanna powder your skin lightly just to help the foundation stay, and to make everything look smooth. You don’t want to use a tremendous amount of powder because you don’t want your skin to look powdery or dry, but just blend the powder. Buff it into the skin and it will just really smooth out the look and make the foundation stay. I like to powder the lips as well. Stay away from powder around the eyes, that can make the eyes look a little crappy or accentuate wrinkles. And there we go. Now we’re ready to apply some color.

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