Joseph Kellner Top Ten Tips!

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  1. Concealer is a must and is important to look “fresh”.
  2. Make sure to match your foundation by applying on your check and double checking that color on your forehead.
  3. Foundation even outs your skin tone and gives you a natural look if done correctly.
  4. Bronzer is very important. Think of tinting your skin – apply to apples of cheeks, forehead, a little on your nose and chin.
  5. Do your blush before you do your eyes – you might decide you only need mascara.
  6. If you are going to wear pencil on your lips, put on lipstick first and then add the pencil.
  7. Do not put mascara on the top of your lashes because it is too heavy for your eyelashes.
  8. Put 2-3 coats of mascara on your eyelashes – do the top and the bottom or just the top never do just the bottom of your lashes.
  9. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you don’t put black eyeliner around the eyes especially not in the inner side of the eyelid.
  10. White colour is percived as bigger. That’s why we use it when we want something to appear bigger.

Take Care Of Your Skin Before a Photoshoot!


 Okay so now we’re gonna start on foundation, and like I said earlier this look is more matte. You don’t want anything shiny, dooey, iridescent cause the camera picks up everything. And if you use a shiny or dooey foundation your gonna look to glowy. So you want to keep to a matte, this is a pretty light foundation and it doesn’t have any iridescence to it. It’s completely, ooh I’m sorry, it’s completely matte, and you want to use a little more than you normally use for everyday purposes. And this is the time where you want to cover any blemishes.  This is the time where you use foundation all over the skin. You don’t just want to use it in certain little areas where you need it, you want it all over. You want your whole face to look smooth and blended. And because you’re gonna be on camera you want to use a little more than normal just to make sure everything is covered and everything looks smooth. If you don’t use enough makeup on camera you’re gonna really notice it. You’re gonna look like you have nothing on, and you’re not gonna like the way your pictures turned out. So even though you’re using natural makeup you just want to use a little more of it than normal. Under the eyes, never neglect under the eyes.

You can use your foundation as a concealer or if you have a separate concealer that’s fine also, it’s all personal preference. Make sure you take it down the neck just a tiny bit, just blend blend blend. Make sure it’s all blended in, you can always add more where needed. I like to go on the eyelid a little bit also just to make a nice clean pallet, clean base for the eyeshadow. Just make everything look really smooth and even. And then once the foundation’s on you just wanna powder your skin lightly just to help the foundation stay, and to make everything look smooth. You don’t want to use a tremendous amount of powder because you don’t want your skin to look powdery or dry, but just blend the powder. Buff it into the skin and it will just really smooth out the look and make the foundation stay. I like to powder the lips as well. Stay away from powder around the eyes, that can make the eyes look a little crappy or accentuate wrinkles. And there we go. Now we’re ready to apply some color.

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Building a Modeling Portfolio!

Your age and your age range: Your pictures need to show how old and young you realistically can look. Your age also determines appropriate characters for you to portray in your portfolio. For example, if you are a woman in your 40s, it wouldn’t be appropriate to dress you as a college student for a picture. If you are a teenager, it would be foolish to take a picture of yourself in a business suit.

Your height: Your height determines whether or not you will be a fashion model. In most markets, you need to be at least 5’8″ (5’10 or taller in major markets like New York) to be considered for fashion work. If you are a petite, you do not want to include fashion images in your portfolio.

Types of work you are trying to get: What kind of work do you want to do? Do you want to do some fashion modeling? Glamour and lingerie modeling? You need to determine this before you shoot a portfolio. If you are horrified at the idea of being a glamour model, it probably isn’t a good idea to include a bunch of lingerie or swimsuit pictures in your book. If you are open to doing a wide range of work, your book should reflect this.

The market that you will be working in: Before you put together a portfolio; you need to consider your market’s needs and the advertising that goes on in your market. For example, in Philadelphia, where so many major medical companies are located, it is more important to have a picture of yourself as a nurse or doctor than it is to have a picture of yourself in a swimsuit.

Regardless of your situation, your portfolio needs to do more than just make you look amazing. It is important to have a good selection of pictures that make you look absolutely terrific and sell your personality and ability to do the type of modeling that you are trying to get work from.

You need to be extremely critical of your images. Use only the best. You won’t get more work for having lots of pictures in your portfolio.

Never use more than one shot of the same outfit or two pictures that are obviously taken at the same time and place.

Remember – “LESS IS BETTER”     Make sure your pictures say “WOW!