Can I make my eyes look bolder and more defined by just wearing make-up?

Here are some tips regarding color to keep in mind: light and glimmery colors bring features forward, darker colors make features recede, or go back. So, to make your eyes bold, make sure your lighter color is on the lid and just under the eyebrow. The darker color goes in the crease of the eye, and perhaps a little on the outer corner of your upper lid.

For a little more drama, smudge a little of the darker color under the lower lashes, from outer corner to about midway under the eye. A little eyeliner can add drama, too; I like eyeliners that have a blending tip on one end. The look today is not one hard line, but a smudgy, smoldering effect. I rarely use black eye liner, as I feel it is a little harsh. Smoke, plum, brown are better choices in my opinion.

Of course, mascara completes the look. For evening, I like a fashion look of black mascara on my top lashes, and a plum or midnight blue mascara on my lower lashes. Sometimes I’ll tip the ends of my upper lashes with the colored mascara for a fun effect. It’s not obvious, but your lashes will catch the light and give those glimpses of color. For daytime, I use a brown/black mascara and sometimes I don’t do the lower lashes.

Hair Color And Makeup

joseph kellner

You have a great new color for your hair. You start to apply your make-up and it just does not look right. I see this happen to a lot of people. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your hair color will create a different colored shadow on your face if the color is different from what you started with. Changing your hair color is a fun way to change up your look, but did you realize that changing your hair color also gives you the liberty to try out a new makeup look, too?  Next to skin tone, your hair color makes a huge difference in the makeup shades and styles you can pull off.  It’s similar to dressing to complement the weather of the seasons – the way the light plays off different hair colors can lead you to the best makeup color schemes to try. Colors that look great on you as a brunette could give your face a muddy, low-watt tone as a blonde.