MAC Brush Sets Are Important

Joseph Kellner Hair/Mua

I have recently enrolled in the MAC Makeup Artist Train The Trainers Course.  The amount of learning is very important to me and staying up with the basics is also very important with me.  My last class we enjoyed the teaching of brush’s and how to use them. For expert application of cheek contour. This large angled brush features fibers that form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules, lovely brush to work. And when cleaning use a gentle shampoo, I prefer Baby Shampoo’s.  Lovely brush’s to work with and if you are a makeup artist or just a consumer go to your local mall and go into the MAC store and inquiry about advanced education it is well worth it!  Joseph Kellner Makeup Artist in Orlando, Florida

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168 Large Angled Contour Brush A brush designed for the expert application of cheek contou

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