Eylure Lashes Is A Product To Depend On For Editorials

JosephKellner.comLove this product to use for my editorial shoots!   Eylure is a dependable and cost effective product to use for your models and there makeups!  This is a very easy product to work with. and also the adhesive is tremendous.  Fast drying and easy to place, I have no bad faults with this product.  No slipping or the ends winging out or the adhesive showing up in the camera. Eylure is also dependable in the Florida heat and humidity for those summer time outdoor shoots.! Excellent.

JosephKellner.comEylure is the world’s favorite eyelash brand. We continuously develop our products to offer you the best selection of eyelashes, eyebrow products and beauty accessories. Gorgeous, layered lashes for superb texture. Be daring, go double!  And there lashes are reusable. Each kit contains a bottle of adhesive and two lashes and a applicator. Eylure lashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Fabulous, flirty and flexible they are suitable for all. Cost effective and you are looking at about $5.00 to $6.00 a package. When I am on the go I can make a quick trip to Ulta and they will have the brand for me. But not the whole brand just go to Eylure.com and you can marvel at the many, many types of lashes they have to offer you. I will definitely recommend this product for all your makeup kits!