Skin Care Ideas To Know

Be very careful when using the following products for your skin.

Parabens are linked to breast cancer and changes in your hormone balance, which can affect your fertility seriously. And if you see an ingredient called phenoxyethanol know that’s it the exact same thing!  And they should be at the top of your list for skin care ingredients to avoid! Parabens actually help your products last longer, and whilst this may be nice for getting more for your money, it’s not very good for your health.

I was actually very surprised when I came across this one. Retinol products. Don’t avoid this one entirely, just limit your use to it. It’s dangerous because it breaks down your skin that should not be exposed to the sun, which is why it’s recommended only to be used at night. As a result, skin is more sensitive and exposed. And it’s not recommended for women who are pregnant as it can damage DNA and accelerate the speed of skin tumors.

Lead you won’t find this one easily on the back of your labels as it is classed as a contaminant and not an ingredient. But it’s one you should try and avoid because it’s a carcinogen. And it can also disrupt your hormone balance. Other than it is more commonly linked to depression, problems with pregnancy and birth defects. It’s usually found is a lot of cosmetic products like eyeliner and lipsticks. The FDA tested lipsticks and found 100% of them contained lead traces.

Aluminum you’ll find it in most body washes and deodorants. Its properties may help prevent you from sweating but it has a lot of speculation surrounding it. The amount of aluminum absorbed through the skin from antiperspirants is significantly less than average daily exposure from food and water. So most likely it’s safe, but brands are keen to avoid it after speculation about the negative effects it may carry.

Shea butter is amazing for your skin and can be used after you shower or bath. However, you should really avoid this if you suffer from oily skin. Shea butter can clog up your pores and will make your skin even oilier, so bear that in mind if you’re trying to achieve perfect skin.




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